First of all we create a temporary table , lets call as Datav

create table Datav

eid int,
ename varchar(100)

Now , we are about to import data from c:\data.csv , assuming fields are separated with coma(,) and records are in separate lines

FROM ‘c:\\data.csv’ — location with filename

This will populate data in that table , provided you have right permissions to access file system.



In SQL Server its a common requirement to count how many times a particular character is appeared in a string

in “Hello friend” , “l” occurred 2 times 

To find the number of occurrences , lets use a logic by

  1. Take total length of the string , say its 12 , in our case
  2. Now remove all “l” s
  3. Find difference before and after removing “l”
  4. This difference is the number of occurrence of “l” in the string “Hello friend”
select len('Hello friend')12select replace('Hello friend','l','')10select len('Hello friend') - len(replace('Hello friend','l',''))2



To solve this use letsencrypt. Install on your cPanel server as root


Once installed , this will be available under , WHM > Manage Auto SSL

Select Auto SSL Provider

Once selected , next time when issuing SSL certificate for any of your domain/subdomain , Letsencrypt certificates will be issued from SSL Status window in cPanel interface

for more information , get in touch with us :



Always check the latest version from official website

Here is 2 step direct upgrade

Always login as the privilaged user , say root

]# sudo npm install -g n

Now execute

]# sudo n latest

Or you can specify a latest version 12.2.2

]# sudo n 12.2.2

you ll be prompted like this in most cases

Note: the node command changed location and the old location may be remembered in your current shell.old : /usr/bin/nodenew : /usr/local/bin/nodeTo reset the command location hash either start a new shell, or execute PATH="$PATH"

in such case execute this as well


Now verify node version

]#node --version

you are done!



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